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Repotting monster bromeliad in heatwave

I think this is a Bilbergia windii. If it is not PLEASE correct me.I am not an expert and this was given to me as a passalong from a generational passalong from a long ago neighbor's family.. This picture was taken maybe three years ago and it is much bigger and going to break the pot (styrofoam planter). It is at 100º today and will be higher tomorrow and no releif in sight. It might be this way and worse till September. I am wanting to repot and cut this monster into smaller peices to pass it along. Should I be over concerned about the temperatures that I am getting here in Texas? I will probably have to strap the plant's top to a tree and pray that I can pull or winch the bottom off without resorting to cutting the pot into two. What are your thoughts. It does not kill easy. I am 69Yrs old and this bugger is getting too bigg to get my arms around it to move it.

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