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Patio Drainage Advice Needed

10 days ago

I am presently installing a paver patio in sand. My plan calls for a curved seating wall that is about 28 feet long, with the center 19 feet from the house. I would like to slope the patio away from the house but am running into problems with figuring out drainage inside the curved wall. Originally, my plan was to install a channel drain between the wall and the pavers. We have an underground drainage system close by that this could exit into. I having difficulty finding a curved channel drain and, even if I did find such a drain my installer said he could set in a base on concrete but not a concrete bed that would go up to the sides of the channel drain. I am open to other suggestions. Would a catch basin at the base of the wall in the middle of the arc work? We are think about putting a round fire pit in the middle of the horseshoe area. Another idea would be several smaller catch basins along the base of the wall. My installer worried that water would remain stagnant in the area between the catch basins. (Btw the woman who designed the patio is not helpful with this issue, as it was a one off design for a fixed fee).

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