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Has anybody else had squeak issue with Fuzion laminate?

Cyrus M
last month
last modified: last month

I had my laminates replaced back in Jan. 2022 and we installed Fuzion Atlantis Grotto 12 mm. I was so happy with the look, strength, and everything else. A couple of months after we moved in, where the traffic was higher, they started squeaking and making noise. It was one or two spots first and then escalated and spread everywhere. I asked the supplier for an inspection but they simply did not accept this is a manufacturing or design flaw and denied my claim!

They argued since the floor was not level and also we put stuff on the laminates the warranty is void! Our apartment with a concrete floor had the old laminate for 6 years and I don't understand why leveling was not an issue there? besides, who is responsible to check if the subfloor is ok for installation?! Or maybe other folks keep their home without furniture and cabinets?!

Some of the squeak spots are 20 ft away from any furniture or cabinet, even inside a room where transition splits laminates away, I don't know how this may make laminates faulty?

These laminates are made in Germany!

Would appreciate your input...

click to see the noise

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