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exterior doors for Miami Dade County.

11 days ago

Hi, Does anyone know who can make us a custom unique door for our home. It must be NOA Miami Dade County Certified. I have not been able to find anyone who makes custom doors. I don't think people understand the meaning of custom. I do not want plain view glass that is decorated on top. We are looking for something with fancy large handles. We also do not want to spend more than our house for a door. I understand doors are expensive, and I believe we are willing to spend a fair price, but have only found two or three companies that can make the type of doors we want. Whenever I ask for a referral or a mfg, I get the same companies, that deal with the same catalogues. Not what we are looking for. We would love a Pablo Monsalve door but I have tried to contact him, and no answer at all. That is what I call custom, unique, special.

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