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Floorplan Feedback

11 days ago

Hi All -

I'd appreciate feedback on the below draft floorplan for a spec house. Some key things:

1) Garage is detached and located in the right rear of property.

2) Home faces NE on a narrow flat lot. The below house width is the max possible. House will be approx 4000 sqft. Rear of home is fenced in and semi-private.

3) Builder wants 2 story great room and each of the 4 bedrooms to have an ensuite.

Some things I don't like about the space but am stumped on how to address:

1) 2 Story great room does not have any windows on upper floor facing the rear (space taken up by master bathroom). Master suite needs to be in rear of home.

2) Window size and placement in general need work. I will be adjusting those in next revision but open to any suggestions.

3) Bedroom 2 a bit awkward shaped

4) Office doesn't have any windows. Ideally I'd like the office and bedroom 1 to swap locations but am unsatisfied with alternatives drawn so far.

5) Some unused space upstairs due to roof

6) Kitchen doesn't indicate all of cabinetry but general layout of sink/oven/fridge is accurate.

I'd appreciate any constructive feedback to help rethink and rework areas that could be improved.

Thank you!

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