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Need Opinion on Shelving

David Molnar
9 days ago

I have a small showroom space at my computer store. The white table is my "apple" store like bar people sit and we chat at. On the wall where you see tv now, I plan to mount the tv on the wall and put it more "off" to the left side of the wall and put "shelving" on the right side of the wall.

I am trying to avoid putting shelving on the left & right side of the tv once its mounted as I am trying to AVOID people walking behind my main counter as that is employee space.

If I put shelving only on the right side of the tv, can I get away with "black" shelves OR do I need to stick with white. My thought was the black would provide better contrast on the wall as I do not plan to paint the wall OR do i need to stick with "white" shelves?

Any opinion is appreciated!

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