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What can I do with this awkward space?

Crystal McGann
9 days ago
last modified: 9 days ago

We bought our house 2 years ago and I still cannot figure out what to do with this awkward space. I know we plan on painting our cabinets (probably white). I don't want to do this OR redo our floors (which I'm dying to do) until I figure something out here...

I am almost to the point of having panic attacks whenever I walk through here.

Note: The dishwasher is under the bigger "peninsula type" countertop on the side of the room with the sink so I am not sure I could afford moving the whole dishwasher.

Does anyone have any advice or creative tips? (On a tight budget currently)

Thank you sooooo much!!!

Here is a link to a video of it and screenshots are posted below: 

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