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Evaporator coil leaks water from distributor please help

kir kan
7 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago

Condensate instead of dripping in the pan goes further resulting in puddle of water on top of the furnace. What can possibly be a cause? Is there a missing piece that suppose to route water into the pan? (the equipment is brand new) iv checked level - its leveled - if that matters. please do not post reply if your answer gonna be contact your installer! I can not get hold of him and he abandoned his tools in my basement. After I have asked installer about ac's delayed start he threatened me with court - Bizarre situation (i have paid him everything except 150$) we do have signed contract - iv sent him multiple messages asking him to fix issue with water puddle on top pf the furnace get his tools and payment - no reply about that - then he texted me that he will contact manufacturers warranty department and my warranty will be void - because i short cycle the ac (not sure what a hell was that about - iv called customer service they told me he can not do such thing. (i do not turn it off and on - everything runs well Hight pressure line is hot low pressure line is cold - no ice forming on coil air is blowing cold. cooling cycles exceed 20 minutes. ) really weird geezer I'm dealing with. (iv registered equipment myself on the website - installer told me that he would register warranty on equipment but never did. ) Thank you!

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