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Need Help Identifying these plants.

7 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago

There are various plants on our newly acquired property (zone 5) that we are unfamiliar with and would like help in identifying.

The first plant is still potted, was told it will have yellow flowers, what is its name ?

Pictures #2 picture is from a plant with vibrant blue blooms, the branches are flopping all over, it might be veronica, but not sure. Should it be tied up?

Picture #3 is an aggressively low growing plant with variegated leaves and white blooms. It creeps all over and pops up in between neighboring plants.

Pictures #4,5 and 6 are showing a ca 5' tall shrub in the center ( just behind the hosta) with green/ white/ pink variegated leaves with two green shrubs behind, one to the left and another to the right. None of them have bloomed yet, will they ever?

I have now corrected the numbering of pictures, sorry about the earlier confusion.

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