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perfume smells in laundry room and bathroom from previous owners

7 days ago

Previous owners spilled VERY smelly laundry detergent or fabric softener in the cabinet in the laundry room. Lots of it. The perfume smell is very bad. We scrubbed the shelf to the point of removing the finish (don't care, will re-stain) and soaked it repeatedly with vinegar. Then covered it with baking soda overnight. The smell is only very slightly improved.

Bathroom cabinets have similar problems (visible stains from spills that smell of perfume) but aren't quite as bad.

We thought when the weather got nice and we could air out the house the scents wold dissipate. No such luck. The HVAC wafts the smell throughout the house. It's driving us crazy. (Well, some of us. My husband seems to have no nose.)

Any suggestions?

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