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Need ideas for railing/wall around concrete pad

Hunter Huett
8 days ago

We had a concrete pad poured and built a retaining wall around it but now wanting to put railing around it with our baby getting bigger and older running around on the concrete it is a big fall off the retaining wall. We are looking to put railing around the pad we would like it on the retaining wall or in the rocks around the concrete. We wish when we started this we would of set post in concrete then put in the back fill and gravel but it’s to late for that unless we would be able to dig a hole and set a post in concrete not sure with it being all gravel as back fill then rocks on top. If I anchor the post of the railing to the retaining wall I’m afraid the stones aren't heavy enough to hold someone from falling off. I’m afraid the wall would just go with them. Any ideas what we could do?

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