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Wednesday's flowers

It was a strange day today. It was oppressively hot this morning with high humidity. In the middle of the day it clouded up but then it cleared but the humidity had dropped dramatically. Bob and I worked out this evening, and although it was hot, it was rather nice.

The daylilies are taking a beating. Color is off, size of the flower is down. It's hard to cull seedlings when you know conditions are not normal. Here are a few things blooming today.

Absolute Ripper was nice today. (I should have removed the dead flowers.)

I might have posted Bear Paw before, but this was a better photo.

Cherry Pie a la Mode's size hasn't been affected by the heat/drought, but the color is the eye is lighter than normal.

Empire of Dawn and Dusk is a parent of Cherry Pie.

It took Feanorian Lamps a while to get established, but it's giving us some pretty blooms now.

King Crab was planted last summer. I really like this one.

Some of the small diploids don't seem to be affected by the heat/drought. This is Little Lemon Twist.

I like the Eye on Rosie with a Ring.

TrueNorth Queen Bee's bloom is nice and flat.

Seedlings will be in the comments.


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