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Cool or Warm Grey to neutralize yellow/warmth? Pics included.

8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

Looking to lessen the amount of yellow and brown warmth radiating from my yellow oak floors of my living room area.

Current wall paint: Behr Shoelace

Current trim paint: Behr Ultra Pure White

I wonder if my trim's super stark white (LRV 94) is bringing out the yellow in both my floors and wall paint.

Should I use a cooler grey paint to tone down this warmth/neutralize the yellow, or will it clash and stand out too much?

Some cooler paints I was considering:

-BM Paper White

-BM White Wisp

-BM Intense White

-BM Gray Owl 50% lightened

-Behr Ultra Pure White (match the trim)

Warmer paints I was considering:

-BM Balboa Mist

-BM Classic Gray

My place gets a lot of shadows/shade during most days (west-facing), so I'm really looking to lighten and brighten up my place. Light bulbs will be changed to 4000k LED.

I have also purchased a White Marbled Quartz table with black legs:

Sofa will be off-white greyish with dark brown legs.

Rug under sofa (this, or a light beige jute rug). Still unsure if I need a rug under the table:


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