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Wasp phobia! Help me get rid of it

8 days ago

Ever since I was a little girl and was stung by a honey bee on my foot while playing in white clover, I've been afraid of stinging insects.

Two bad memories. When the kids were little I took them to the park and DS1 got on a climber and got stung immediately by a wasp because there was a nest there.

When DS2 was around 12 he was goofing off under a big tree and I heard him scream. A bunch of bumble bees swarmed him and stung his foot quite a bit. It swelled but thank God he was fine.

It wasn't until about ten years ago my intense phobia went away. Until last week. I was on the front porch walking towards the faucet to turn the water off. I saw something big and black circle me and I started flapping my arms. I thought I felt a mild sting and wasn't certain if I got stung or not. I did. Boy did I ever.

It was a Great Black Wasp and I see them every summer. They live in the ground and only the female stings if she thinks her nest is threatened.

I have not been to the other side of the porch since, so I leave the water on all the time. A sprayer is hooked to it which doesn't let any water out.


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