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Weigela entwined w. Rose of Sharon - How to sort out this mess???

8 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

As our weigela was just blooming ( zone 5, Toronto, Canada) I discovered a rose of sharon in its folds, looking for light ! Upon further inspection I noticed that a thicker stem of the rose of sharon had been cut off below. We assume ( but do not know) that the previous owners had had a rose of sharon growing, but cut it down and then planted a wegela in its place. Regardless...

We would like to give both plants their own places, it's just a question of when and how? Obviously, the rose of sharon would do much better if freed from the entanglement, my husband thinks the sooner the better, and if we can pull it out it might even flower this year if given more room. The weigela just finished blooming, so would not loose out on any flowering. I am concerned, since right now its hard to get to them, about damaging both plants and therefore I am more leaning towards waiting till late fall when both shrubs have shed their leaves and we can see better what we are doing. Then dig up both, pull them apart, replant separately. Looking forward to some suggestions.

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