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Is there a boneyard for Marvin window rejects? I need one window

Lil B
9 days ago

I know this is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I just want to give it a good effort. I need ONE window asap to coordinate with the others that were ordered back in December. Framing is almost done, and now it’s apparent that the view is much better than the designer thought it would be in the plans. Windows have not been installed on the home. We may be able to trade a window from another location, if I can’t find the exact sizing. But ideally, I need something with similiar grid pattern. Definitely the same window pattern. A new Marvin order takes 18 weeks! The dealer where we ordered the windows said that sometimes there is one that was ordered by mistake and it sits around. But they were not able to locate anything for me. I need options at this point to know if there is anything else we can do.

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