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Floor Plan feedback

8 days ago

Hello! I've seen some great feedback to other users on floorplans here and hoping you all can help me. A few notes based on other posts that I feel like I need to make.

1) An Architect to design specifically for us is not in the budget (I know all the arguments but it is out of the question).

2) I really truly love this plan though it's not, but some of the things I don't like, I don't really have ideas on how to change them. I'm looking for some feedback on execution for some of the things I know I want to change and anything glaring I may be missing.

3) Our land is flat and wooded, backyard will be on the north side of the house and front yard at the


4) For general aesthetic, I would want a sage green exterior with earthy stone and cream trim to blend in with nature.

I've searched the internet far and wide and this is by far my favorite plan that crosses off most of my must haves and strong preferences, which are laundry off of garage, office near main part of house, no formal dining, and all bedrooms clustered together, in my sq footage range. So none of those things will change. I'm looking for advice on any glaring things I'm missing (ex: windows that won't allow for curtains that I may end up regretting, anywhere furniture arrangement will be tricky, and ideas on how to execute a few of the things I don't like. Let me know your thoughts!

Here is the link to the plan:

Here is my feedback that I'm looking for ideas on, as well as anything else I may be missing:

1) Stove should move to under microwave. I want a simple microwave vent and 30" range and no statement hood (unpopular opinion) or 36" range.

2) The powder room location is not good in my opinion. I'd prefer it to be somewhere near the laundry room but can't figure out how to work that. Maybe move w/d to where the laundry sink is and put a powder room there? Wouldn't need a sink in laundry if powder room was right there. Thoughts?

3) Instead of powder room & J&J bath, give each secondary bedroom its own bath. Thoughts on how to execute that?

4) I'm debating if I would want a screened in porch - would a screened porch bordering the great room be okay?

5) Fireplace - should I move the fireplace to be a doublesided fireplace between the great room and covered porch, so we ca

put the TV on the wall where the plan shows the fireplace currently?

6) Would it be strange if the area with the kitchen sink is a raised bar but I make the island a level counter height bar? I think that's what I'd prefer.

Any other thoughts? Thank you in advance!!

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