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Planning switches for future lighting system on new construction

We are building a very open home so theres not a lot of walls to actually put switches on. Its looking like most of the lights for our Great Room, Kitchen, Morning Room, Stairway (with hall) and Foyer will all be on one wall (with a second 3-way set near the Mudroom with many of the same lights). Thats a lit of switches!

We would like to use a smart lighting system with programable scenes but will have to upgrade the switches over time (cost of building now is killing our dreams of a home automation system at move-in) so are trying to plan for future upgrading. We thought about the Lutron Caseta but thats still a lot of switches on one wall! If anyone else has recommendationsfor how to manage this many switches and allow for future upgrades to a smart system, I’m all ears (unless you just want to be critical of our floorplan design ;P )!

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