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Monstera plant - 1 leaf going crinkly

Bethan Din
last month

Hi, I bought this Monstera plant 3 weeks ago 2nd hand. about 1.5 weeks ago I noticed the bottom leaf start to crinkle and it has very slowly been getting a slight bit more crinkly since then. I don't think it is underwatered because the soil is moist and I don't think it is overwatered because I've only watered it once or twice in the 3 weeks I've had it. I didn't repot it when I first got it because I've read that they don't like unnecessary repotting and it would have been repotted just before I picked it up into this plastic pot. I was also misting it every day but I have stopped doing that since it started getting crinkly, instead I just keep a glass of water next to it for humidity. It is about 8.5 feet away from a South, South-West facing LARGE window with LOTS of bright, indirect light. The previous owner said she was fertilizing it and I haven't in the 3 weeks that I had had it, but I have bought some so could do that next time I water it, but I've never fertilised plants before so not sure what to do. I could also repot it with half succulent mix and half soil if that might help get some aeration In there? Could it be that the pot is too small? Although I've read that they don't like big pots. I've also bought some neem oil incase it has any pests, but I haven't noticed any - would I notice them? And could it just be that it is acclimating to its new home, or that a new leaf just opened last week? Could it be that I am not using filtered water? (I'll attach my water report incase anyone knows what is good levels for monstera). I just really don't know what to try, but don't want it to get sick because I love it! Thanks in advance.

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