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How to Insulate Wall Cavities formed by 2x4s?

9 days ago

Building a house in central TX. I have a number of spots where, on an outside wall there is an intersecting or adjoining wall whereby the studs form a 4" x 4" enclosed cavity at the exterior wall. There are modest gaps where you can see or stick a knife or thin screw driver thru.

But by no means can you push any insulation batting in that 4" x 4" cavity.

They are squirting some canned foam spray on the seams (and sloppily w/ air gaps I might add) to attempt to close up the cavity. But that leaves an uninsulated air pocket in the cavity.

What is best practice or code here? Should that cavity be filled/insulated with something since it's on an exterior wall? Or is it OK to seal up the gaps and leave it as a cavity?


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