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So, I feel so bad about groundhogs now.

13 days ago

You may recall my post, and my incredulity about all the rules (may or may not be accurate) about getting rid of groundhogs. So far, my trapper has caught 3 raccoons and 1 groundhog, and he relocated the groundhog to a property for a fee.

We have been up in Maine for this past week and been checking the traps (DH mostly). Yesterday my DH and my son and I checked them together. And we had a groundhog.

And now, having met "him," I feel so bad. He was calm and nibbling on some food. He didn't seem afraid of us when we peaked in, but he/she was not happy when our dog wanted to look so we shooed her off. I am glad he was treated humanely.

I told my DS about this, ie that I didn't care about groundhogs in the abstract, but now had changed my mind. He said "It's just like war. We learn to hate the enemy but when we meet them face to face it is a lot harder, because they are just people too." Wow. That's the next generation, folks.

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