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Fisherman's Friend rose from Palatine

I thought I'd share an update on one of the David Austin English roses I ordered last year from Palatine.
He was impressively hardy his first winter, and bloomed all along previous leaf axils on a slant leading me to believe he would make an excellent pegged shrub or short climber provided one doesn't mind dealing with the extreme prickles. The foliage and blooms strike me as a bit coarse. He is highly susceptible to mildew (my worst offender) and will get black spot. The fragrance is strong, rich, and delicious; of true old rose character. Character-wise, he would be a good companion for Gertrude Jekyll because I find their growth and prickles similar. I'm not sure if it counts as a second flush or an extension of the first, but FF is already pushing new buds and a nice basal break cane.

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