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How can I help my astilbe?

Jenn Hoffman Ambler,PA (7A)
10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

I planted two red astilbes last year which bloomed beautifully for me. They are in front of the house facing north in clay soil that takes a while to dry completely. They get several hours of direct sunlight per day, but as the plants around them grow, they look more shaded. The plant on the right (second photo) which probably gets a little more light ia doing a little better, though not as good as last year. You can see that the one on the right is wilting and it has stopped growing, but did well earlier in the year. I used Plant Tone in May once this year. We do have the grass treated for weeds but I’ve told them to stay 3 feet back from any plants, and the other plants look okay. Soil usually stays moist to touch. Should I move it and when, and where is a good place? The flowers were at their max in July last year.



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