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Need help designing natural screen using plants

9 days ago

Please help. The property next door recently sold. We are in the process of creating a privacy screen using large shrubs and trees. Most of the trees could be cut down. So we are trying to be proactive in case that happens. The property line is about 75 feet. We currently have the following planted (from left to right)

1 linebacker distylium

5 formosa azaleas magenta color

3 g g gerbing azaleas white

3 tea olives

1 oak leaf holly

2 grey ghost anise.

we also have 7 staggered crepe myrtles in front of the above shrubs. the crepe myrtles are about 1 foot tall but will eventually reach 25 ft.

i also have the following that i plan to plant soon

6 rose creek abelia

3 rocket barberry (impulse buy)

6 firepower nandina

1 snoball viburnum

1 podocarpus ’maki’

I wanted to surround the crepe myrtles with 3 abelia, 3 barberries or 3 nandinas with the barberry bushes in the center.

Is it too much? I welcome any and all suggestions.

thank you!

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