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Pruning Ficus Audrey

last month

I can't say enough good things about Ficus Audrey. Here's a picture of the plant when I first got it in November 2020.

And today.

It still has two separate trees in one pot. I repotted it last summer and did cut the tip off the taller tree and it branched nicely. But now I see that the side branch is getting taller than the center and I think it may be time to consider some additional pruning. At some point, I may separate that smaller tree but for now, my main focus is the taller one. The goal would be for it not to get much taller but to create more of a canopy just above the support stake that I have in there. Here are a couple of close up pics of the leader and the branching.

Looking for advice on where to cut or how to manage this. Thanks in advance!

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