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How to I get my weeping fig tree back to good health?

Sam Thomson
last month


I am a complete house plant novice, but I've so far managed to keep most my houseplants alive just by doing the very basics of watering them and ensuring they have enough sunlight. About a year ago I bought a lovely weeping fig tree for my living room. It stayed looking very healthy for all the time it was in my care, but after I returned from a 3 month holiday, most the leaves on one half had fallen off and that side was looking particularly bare.

I am pretty sure that the tree had not been watered for the last month of the three months I was away. Two months have passed since then and I have been regularly watering it but the same half still remains very bare.

Is there anything I can do to bring it back to it's original health? Or is it too late?

I am attaching before and after pictures to illustrate.

Thank you in advance!

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