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Raven ZZ growth

Elena Nuta
last month

Almost two years ago I bought two 6" Raven ZZ plants. I gave one to my sister and they have lived very different lives, I thought a comparison would be appreciated here.
Left: potted up shortly after buying to an 8" Terra cotta pot, and then recently potted up again into a 10"pot. This one lives directly in a North facing window
Right: this is still in its original 6" pot, and this one lives in a very bright room that has large South and West facing windows.
You can see the growth of the one in the original pot is more stems but thinner and smaller. The one in the large pot has thick stems that are much taller.
My instinct is to attribute the differences in growth of these two to their pot situations, but maybe the light makes more the bigger impact? Any thoughts/discussion is welcome!

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