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Looking for bed sheet recommendations

2 months ago

I’m sure this topic has been covered before, and I’ll look, but in the meantime I figured I’d ask for recommendations specific to what I want.

Despite my best efforts, our sheets are more ivory than white at this point. And I don’t love them anyway. I posted about the permanent creases in the top hem a while back, and while the concensus was a quality issue that I didn’t quite understand, I’ve accepted that as fact. I also fine the top sheet a few inches short. My wife likes the bed made high, and when I start by matching the top of the sheet to the head of the mattress, there’s only about five inches to tuck under the foot. Would prefer more. The feel of the fabric itself I like: somewhat crisp without feeling cheap.

So, any recommendations for generously sized, crisp sheets that look better than this coming out of the dryer? Money is no object. (Actually it is but I don’t want that to sway recommendations.)


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