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Calling all MZ Wallace fans ...

16 days ago

People have raved about MZ Wallace forever-- but I remember them from the early days when they only had a few colors. I made note of the raves but wasn't interested in the colors offered -- which i thought were only beige and black. Until.. I saw my sister's pale rose metro bags yesterday. Oh my, I am in love (and got her blessing to get the same color LOL). Alas, it is a discontinued color and only available in a few styles-- even on the resale market. :(

I do have a second color I like-- it's a far second but it is probably more practical for me.

My question to you lovers of MZW... what are your favorite styles for travel and for everyday? What is YOUR favorite color?

(I promised myself a shopping spree while recovering from my latest oral surgery-- it's been a long many months of recovery so this is my treat. Sorry for all the posts-- I promise I won't post on everything i am buying/considering!)

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