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something rare blooming in my garden

davidrt28 (zone 7)
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I have literally been trying to grow these for decades.

While I was alreadyin the mood for ID contests, I'll make this one, too. I would never have forgotten what this was, that's for damn sure!

The reason I'm posting? Well, maybe a little to brag. More though, to reveal 'the secret'. As with the Wahlenbergia I featured a few years ago, I grew these from seed. I had tried it mail order (as a plant) at least once before, maybe twice, and it died. With the seeds...some did well, some did not. Out of about 15 seedlings, 4 made it, but those were the ones that found my local climate conditions to their liking. Only one is blooming this year so any seed will be selfed. I hope I can get the remaining 3 blooming at the same time next year so they outcross. They are monocarpic so die after flowering.

So again we see an advantage to growing rare plants, unproven in our local climate, from seed, to give the best chance for some genetic diversity to lead to adaptability. I am not going to say this always works. ALL of the toetoe grasses from New Zealand I tried to grow from seed, died of root rot in the insane heavy rain and humidity of last summer.

(bonus points for IDing the background plant, too!)

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