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Category 2 Wetland in our lot

16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

Hello Houzz folks, first time posting here.We bought a lot and now found that there is Wetland in the corner. Our builder and designer has no concerns as long as we are not touching it. It is a walkout wooded lot in Ohio and designer mentioned it is a category 2.We visited the lot after heavy snow thawed and noticed very wet area with a thin layer of water and builder said, it will go away after grading. He did not clarify that time that it is a wetland. Now we have received our preliminary rough draft and designer mentioned that he had to work around a little bit because of wetland. Builder says after grading and all it will disappear and we won't be able to notice it. We are confused when wetland is not supposed to be touched then how grading the buildable area will affect it. I asked if we can hire a professional to look into further, but didn't get an answer(According to my family I wasn't clear enough about it, which I disagree). They started talking about how it is not a matter of concern and if they haven't mentioned that there is a wetland, we would have never knew about it. Are we just overthinking or should we probe further? Designer talked a little about 'Delineation' and said things normally not go in one's favor if going that route(Not sure if it has something to do with when asked about hiring a professional).We are also concerned about moisture, any increased susceptibility to bugs, frogs or anything related to wetlands.We would really appreciate your insight here.
I am trying to attach photos of the site and how the house will sit on lot but not seeing an option. Will try to find a way.

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