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What hearth should I put with MSI Arctic Golden Stacked Stone face?

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I'm using MSI Arctic Golden Stacked Stone for the face of my fireplace. It's a gas log fireplace, for anyone wondering. I used to have a concrete hearth that was about 5" off the ground. After remodeling the room, I'm putting down chestnut brown hardwood flooring and as mentioned above, MSI Arctic Golden stacked stone for the face of the fireplace. Not sure what material to use as a hearth now. I think I might use a material flush with the wood floor instead of raising the hearth, but I'm not sure. Or should I go with a limestone hearth? It's just that they're so cold in color, and I feel like I need something warmer. What would you all do in this circumstance? I saw a product called Legions Quartz White at MSI that might go well.

The picture above is where the hearth will go. Not sure if it'll be porcelain, limestone, etc

The above picture shows what the fireplace looked like prior to pulling the brick off. The stacked stone will go all the way up to the ceiling.

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