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Interested in your experiences with water leak detectors

carlisa (CO-5a)
19 days ago
last modified: 19 days ago

Had a leak under a sink, and while I caught it fairly early, can really see the value of using water link detectors for sinks, the fridge, the dishwasher and near the hot water heater going forward. Am especially interested in your experience with your leak detectors, what you like and dislike, and if you'd do anything differently?

Some related things I have been trying to figure out as well: a lot of these devices use batteries. I would need about 12 detectors, and that's a lot of batteries (along with the smoke detectors, CO detectors...), Also, the fridge doesn't have a lot of clearance underneath, and pulling it out each time to change a battery or silence a false alarm would be a hassle. Thoughts?

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