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mud room or larger garage?

My house currently has a a 6' wide breezeway that connects the single car garage to the rest of the house - I don't know if it was built that way to meet some permit regs, or if it was added later so that there was an interior connection between the garage and the house (to make it more comfortable in rain and snow).

I currently walk from the garage through the breezeway into the house, where there is a small tiled area that I consider a "mud room": bench, coat closet, door to a powder room and the laundry room.

The front door of the house opens to a small 5'x4' foyer with a coat closet, which is open to the living room. I use it rarely, but it is used and there's a nice front covered porch.

Now the question: The garage needs some significant repairs (foundation and walls), so I've been considering having it built wider, to encompass the 6' of the breezeway and make it a proper attached garage. The extra space in the garage would be welcome for storage and as a small tool/work area. It's been suggested that I keep the garage the same size, but make the breezeway more of an inside space to use as a larger mudroom......they suggested that the mudroom would be more valued by future buyers than a larger-than-single, but smaller-than-double garage. Personally, I prefer the bigger garage, and there is a small mudroom already.

Thoughts? I just moved in and I'm not planning on moving, but I am thinking about making home improvements and we were talking about that breezeway.

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