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Lupin Bent Over Double – Overnight!

E.D. G
7 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm an extremely novice gardener (I inherited a pretty intense garden when I purchase my home last year), and am familiarizing myself with the plants in my backyard. Last night, I had a happy, and fairly sizeable, lupin, as you can see in the first photo. This morning, it was bent over nearly double (you can see how well my efforts at staking it went), and the lower leaves have also collapsed and are laying flat. It rained a bit yesterday morning, and I hadn't watered in perhaps five or six days before that, and we really haven't had terribly high winds here in Minneapolis over the last 24 hours. Any ideas what might have happened? At this point, should I just cut my losses and prune the flower spike? Any insights and advice are most welcome!


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