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Marvin Ultimate Inserts in the 1st floor and Elevates in the 2nd?

2 years ago

Thanks to all who have provided input to my earlier questions, as I assess my window replacement project. I have decided to use insert replacements from Marvin. I like the Elevate, but I love the Ultimate. To reduce costs, one option could be to use Ultimates in the 1st floor and Elevates in the 2nd. This is a center colonial brick house, with the bedrooms (with curtains) in the 2nd floor. A few questions:

1) Is this mixing a common practice? Or something that is not advisable?

2) From a distance, would the use of the two different models be unnoticeable? Are the exterior of the two models too different?

3) I know the Elevate is "thinner", and the Ultimate would lead to greater glass loss. Is it really a big difference?


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