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Quartz Overhang Options

last year

We decided to replace our butcherblock island countertop that was not rectangular with quartz. The cabinets were not replaced and the old top mimicked the cabinet layout.

We were concerned about supporting the larger planned overhang and discussed it with two different quartz installers both of whom said that hidden support bars could be used. We went ahead with the project and on install day the crew told us the support bars we contracted for were not needed and that the quartz and mitered edge were very strong. We should have not allowed the installtion to go on but we blew it and the top was installed. The companys owner says support is not required and that he will give me something in writing saying he’ll fix any issues we might have in the future. I’m not comfortable with that and want a top that is safe and will meet the LG warranty requirements.

The island top is 3cm quartz with a mitered edge. The new top is 73” x 51.5” and the overhang is 33” x 25”. I’d appreciate some input on what we should do. I’d prefer not to have to add a leg but if thats the only way to make it safe that’s what we need to do. I can’t see how support bars are going to work given the height needed above the cabinets to accomodate the mitered edge and open our cabinet doors and drawers.

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