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Tips for Adding Sulfur to Acidify Soil

I am adding sulfur to an established raised bed, to lower pH from 6.5 to 5.5. The soil expert at the sulfur product manufacturer told me in a conversation that I only need to add about eight ounces of sulfur for every square yard of surface. That seems like very little sulfur, relative to the product instructions I see on most products. How does that dose seem to others?

Ideally, I should have added the sulfur when the soil was mixed, but that ship has sailed and I cannot do that now. Is it enough to mix sulfur into the first two or three inches of the soil surface?

How important is it to cover every square inch of the soil? If I concentrate on adding all the sulfur into a ring around the Camellia, is the sulfur going to slowly work its way through the entire soil surface, including horizontally away from the plants? Or will the sulfur only work its way down?

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