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Boring ranch house, bad shutters, not many windows - help?

Natalie McLain
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

This ranch house is boring with a ton of blank wall space and not many windows. The windows that exist are small. Many of them are close together or on corners, making shutters awkward. Time for an update.

I can choose paint color and paint (dad is a painter) - no problem - likely choosing a stormy or slate blue, foresty green...maybe a creamy white for a farmhouse-but-I-live-on-gravel vibe.

But what about all the stupid blank spaces where it's just a lot of siding?

Budget: $500-1000 (not including paint, which is already in the budget)

Context: house is on a working horse farm on a gravel road. I'm excellent at killing plants/ruining gardens with anything except hostas in them. I don't have time for extensive maintenance. I'm handy as heck (farm life!) and can do most of my own labor unless it's specialized work. Boxwood bushes will be trimmed...I know they're overgrown!

Limits: no rearranging windows/adding larger windows (likely out of budget based on labor), no expansive hardscaping/landscaping (see also: killing plants and not much time for maintenance), roof will be done next year so ignore roof color, no brick walls (likely out of budget).

Ideas?: adding a strategic tree to break up the visual line to the house, using appropriately stained and sealed cedar shake to a portion for visual interest, wood shutters and stop caring what the internet says about weirdly hung solo shutters and shutters that don't actually cover the whole window, a large trellis (risk of growth into the siding, though!), replacing the fence (and possibly wrapping it further around the front of the house?), some sort of sculpture/statue thing? I don't know, I'm throwing it all out there.

Very appreciated!

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