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Until midnight Friday 6-10 Recipe Questions

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

I've been busy all week. Phew! But I'm making a small celebration dinner tomorrow, and would appreciate a little help. I was ready to make brownies, which are better liked by the honoree than birthday cake. He likes old fashioned brownies, not fudgy, not with stuff in them, doesn't care about frosting, so I thought my childhood Betty Crocker, from which I thought I'd made such brownies as a child, would have the perfect recipe. NOT! It calls for baking chocolate, and if I have any hiding in my stash, it'll be crumbly and sad and not brownie worth. I have great cocoa powder. I don't remember making brownies with anything else. I looked up some recipes, skipping over anything called "fudgy" or "cakey". I want brownie. The real kind with the crackly, lighter top and moist, dense crumb, not like either cake or fudge.I found a couple potentials but have no idea if they're right.

Do you have a proper old fashioned brownie recipe to share today?

So, being that it's a favorite foods meal, not a dark and colorful veg centered meal (there will be side veg), I was thinking I could make some French fries. I rarely cook any kinds of potatoes as potatoes (i.e. as themselves, not "ingredients"), and I remember making fries a couple of times, but don't remember how nor how they came out, nor even when it was. I know all kinds of tricks, but not a start to finish method. Like there's the soak the starch off method. The fry from frozen method. The fry, drain and refry method. The fried chicken place battered and fried method. The just dump in deep fat method... I'd rather use a cast iron frying pan. I have russets and golds. The honoree likes skin off. My FP actually peels potatoes and has a French fry blade, though I'd probably peel them by hand. The fry blade will give me much more uniform results than hand cut (lack of talent). So that's the cutting, but from them to the draining/salt while hot what do I do?


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