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Poor soil conditions = underachieving lawn

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I live in an area of Central Ontario where the soil - if you can call it that - is terrible. I've never been overly concerned about how my lawn looked, it's a nearly rural property. Lately though I've felt I need to try to improve the curb appeal, so tackling more outdoor stuff. Then there is The Lawn. Everything around here sits on sand soil. If you turn your foot the wrong way you might disturb whatever is growing and be left with a permanent brown patch. And, these patches seem to grow year after year. I have stuff to cut in both the front and back yard, but I wouldn't really say its "grass", more like whatever can take hold. And maybe that's all I'll ever have.

I bought some grass seed, that was supposed to be pretty hardy and grow anywhere. It's been a week and I don't see 1 germinated seed. I've watered regularly, and we just had a few good days of natural rain... I cans see what looks like a seed casing (?), but no sprouts.

I didn't acquire my parents green thumb, so outside of throwing seed, watering and waiting, I'm not really equipped to figure out why nothing grows. Maybe its the nature of the soil, and maybe this is as good as it'll get. Maybe with an unlimited ( or unrealistic, for my needs) budget someone could do something with this, but that's not something I'd be prepared to do. New sod, loads of topsoil... if that's the case, I'll live with it.

Maybe there's something else I can do?

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