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First Adenium Questions

4 months ago

Why have i never owned one of these gorgeous plants before now? After 60+ years of playing in the dirt….

I am in northeast Florida on the coast. Hot and humid, rainy and intense sun. These guys will live on the lanai unless temps drop below 50*F. I have a deep sunny windowsill they can live on in cooler weather.

i spotted this sad looking plant on the clearance rack in a big box store, brought it home and repotted it after a bit of research. It looks so much happier now.

My question is should i always repot a desert rose when its purchased from a big box store? i found another one this past weekend. At least this one looks so much healthier.

Here is first purchase after a few weeks of care.

And here is newest one below below. I’m wondering if I need to repot it.

Thanks for any help.

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