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Just popping in to say hi

2 months ago

Hello everyone! I turned 70 this year, and gardening has become more of a chore than a pleasure anymore. I decided not to propagate anything more this year, and of course, someone gave me some seeds, so I planted them. I've forgotten what they are. Some kind of legume tree that has flowers like a tiny cassia, but the seeds look like tiny little beans. When I cracked the seed pod open, the seeds were very tiny and did not look like legume seeds at all. I hope some come up so I can eventually see what they are.

I'm trying to get rid of some plants, and it's hard, because I do love all of them. Well, except the oyster plant. It looked good for the first couple of years, but it got crowded and then the freeze hit it last year, and it isn't a pretty border anymore. The actual small liriope border grass doesn't clump like it should, it just sends out runners and grows all over the place.

My garden failures are many, but the most aggravating is the Mexican yellow dwarf poinciana (Caesalpinia Mexicana) that I planted as a seedling 6 years ago that still hasn't bloomed. I meant to move it to a drier, sunnier place this winter, but never did, so I guess I'll get no flowers this year either.

I planted a couple of daylilies two years ago that finally bloomed, a dwarf purple d'oro and a pretty fancy type that I lost the tag to. I really love them. I wish I had more space to plant more daylilies, but the sunny spot is about full now. My Amaryllis bloomed well this year, except for the Green Goddess, which hasn't bloomed since I repotted it. Dug it up to see what the problem was, and the bulb seems to have shrunk. Don't know if I will ever get it to bloom again.

Still love my brugs. Got a big branch of one from a friend that she just calls "orange" so I'm excited to see what that turns out to be. I still have my Frosty Pinks and Charles Grimaldi, and one seedling that is big enough to plant out this year. All five of my other seedlings died before they bloomed.

Lots more going on, but don't want to bore you. What's going on in your gardens?

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