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Ginko: yellow, dwindling leaves

6 months ago


My ginko leaves sprouted slowly this year, were yellow and curling at the tips from first growth, and some have fallen (see pic).

The tree is 25' tall, has been healthy since we moved here (2019) to now, and grows in a sunny space in Victoria BC, Canada. I see no sign of fungus or insects on the trunk or leaves. Soil is clay heavy, drainage seems average (no pooling ever at surface). We had a 1-week 40C heat dome last summer within an 8-week (longer than usual) drought, typical mild winter (0C-10C), and this spring has been unusually cool and rainy (first 20C weather is this week; about 4-6 weeks late).

Can you please suggest what is wrong with it and best remedy?

Thank you

Gwylim Blackburn


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