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Pear vs apricot for zone 3

last year

I live an hour south east of Saskatoon, SK, on a farm. We get some pretty wicked winter winds. Next spring I would like to plant either a couple of pear trees or a couple of apricots. I prefer eating apricots, but it sounds like I might have more success with pears. Is this correct?

My plums tend to bloom fairly early because we have a 'high and dry' yard on a hill (I can and do water) that gets a lot of sun. So I'm concerned I will have even more trouble with pears and especially apricots blooming too early. I do have a spot on the north side of our barn where I could plant the apricots so they get winter shade, but the problem is it is totally exposed to north west probably not much of a solution.

Since they may not fruit very often, which tree do you think is more ornamental: apricot or pear?

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