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FOTESS JUNE - The Great Outdoors - Garage Sale

8 months ago

June FOTESS – The Great Outdoors

While researching for a theme this month I found that the National Park Service has labeled this month The Great Outdoors. I decided this would make a great theme for our swap because there are a lot of things we can do!

Feel free to join us on FOTESS by sending a message to Jeanne – sandlapper_rose – and she will give you the rules for our group.

For the swap I’ve decided we will have a Garage Sale. I know this is something we have done in the past and it was enjoyed by all. Please post 5-7 things you would like to “sell” for your garage sale and once I assign partners you will get to “shop” the sale and choose 3 things you would like. What do you guys think? I’m open to suggestions, thank you Jeanne for all of your wonderful ideas.

Sign-ups by Monday, June 6th. Bingo words by the 6th also, I will start picking on the 7th… may need to double up some days if we have 25 words… garage sale finds posted by the 10th, will assign partners soon after, hopefully we can shop and mail by the 20th.

This month we will be playing BINGO with some outdoorsy words.

Please change your avatar to your favorite outdoor activity. Mine is S'mores at a Bonfire. Doubles are welcome.

As always, please post pictures of your plants and gardens!

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