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Prevent rabbits & deer & squirrels & voles from eating roses

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I notice that TALL roses like Crown Princess Margareta (never eaten by rabbits in its 11th-year as own-root).

What are some tall & fragrant roses, esp. the ones hardy to zone 5? Thank you.

My worst zone 5a winter in a decade made roses so short, I have been busy preventing rabbits from chewing my 100+ own-root roses.

The neighbors are coping with rabbits, one ripped off his wooden fence to install a 6' vinyl white fence so rabbits can't crawl below into his garden:

A 2nd neighbor saw me putting buckets (bottom cut-off) around roses, so he also put plastic buckets around his young veggies to prevent rabbits.

Rabbits jumped over the rocky ditch into my raised bed, so I installed a netting, that works well. Some roses are too big for plastic buckets. I dug rocks from the planting holes and put them into my deep trench to stop tree's roots.

Netting works only if there's brick-build-up to prevent rabbits from digging below and crawl inside.

Rabbits jumped over this tall brick border to eat Comte de Chambord, so I have to put bamboo sticks around Comte.

Bamboo sticks works well to protect a newly bought rose from Antique Rose Emporium. Bamboo Sticks are sold for $4 per many 6 feet canes, I cut them to the height desired:

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