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Conifers I’m trying in Central Florida

Palms And Pines
4 months ago

Hello these are some conifers I’ve been trying to grow in central florida in zone 9B near melboure FL.

First is this is a Italian stone pine (Pinus Pinea) I planted back in 2019 so far its been doing OK, it was weakened somewhat by a slash pine branch that fell on it but has since recovered and is growing slowly.

This next one is a coast redwood I planted last July and its been doing decent since then

This is a Deodar Cedar I planted last August (I ordered it from ebay) its been doing well since then no signs of any dieases but it hasn’t had much new growth.

This is an aleppo pine I planted around the same time as the redwood its alive but not much growth.

A Chinese Red Pine (Pinus Massoniana) that I grew from seed started last summer, its been doing very well since.

A recently planted out Australian Cypress (Callitris Columellaris) I see these self seeding in florida scrub habitats alot so I expect it to do well.

Lastly a eastern white pine (pinus strobus), I planted this one along with 4 others last august this is the only one thats made it more than a month. I dont think its going to make it going in to the hot humid florida summer.

I have a few other conifers but these are the most interesting ones.

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