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Anyone out there ever grow wheat?

gardengrl66 z5
6 months ago the backyard, I mean. Not on a farm. I decided it might be fun - we grew flour corn last summer for the first time and it worked out really well, had genuine homemade masa tortillas! But now that my little patch is up and growing I'm having a case of the "what now's". I think I may have planted too densely. But that is because the first time I planted nothing came up, so you know, I just planted a little more the second time around! The only pictures I can find are of these perfectly machine-seeded plots - I broadcasted by hand.

Has anyone ever done this? Any other tips/advice other than the spacing? I realize I'm not going to solve the global wheat crisis but it does seem timely, no? It's a 5 x 20 foot plot:

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