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Least expensive place to order cellular shades

Donna Roesink
6 months ago

We are 3 weeks away from moving into our new home and we are just about out of money, as many of you can probably relate to. I purchased grommet drapes for most of the windows, and found a nice style that looks like it is made well. But for our dining room that juts out from the kitchen, I have (2) 33" x 60" windows on an east wall, (3) 33" x 60" windows on a south wall, and one slider on the west wall of the dining room; making this a room that is like living in a fishbowl. I think I have enough of the drapes to do these windows, but drapes don't really lend themselves too well to a slider, do they? So I am thinking about inside mount cellular shades. In my opinion, they are pretty expensive- there must be a huge mark up from the people selling them. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Drapes or cellular shades? The drapes are a beige grommet 96" length, 36" wide per panel. I am usually not a polyester fan, they are all poly, but have a nice, vaguely shantung look to them that does not look cheap.

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